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New single and video released


Angel with the devil's eyes is released from the album Captivated along with a brand new video - see and it and buy it here.



Nick Langston at American Museum 50th birthday


The American Museum in Bath celebrated its 50th anniversary with a gala lunch which included Angela Ahrendts (CEO of Burberry), Lady Soames (daughter of Winston Churchill), John Taylor (bass player with Duran Duran) and a special congratulatory message from President Obama.  Nick Langston provided the musical entertainment on what was a fantastic day.  


John Taylor and Nick Langston - just two of those invited to help celebrate The American Museum's anniversary.



Nick Langston live at Glastonbury


Following his two successful appearances at Glastonbury 2010, Nick Langston played twice more in 2011 at the world's biggest performing arts festival in the ever-popular Field of Avalon.  "As always there was some great music in Glastonbury and it was brilliant to be part of it."


  Nick Langston with comedian Mark Thomas at Glastonbury 2011.



New single and video released


'It's better to have lost than loved' is released with a suitably chilly video watch it and buy it here



Nick Langston live interview on BBC Radio


Nick Langston is interviewed on The Richard Lewis Show and talks about the UK Songwriting Contest and his new album and single - listen here (12MB).



Nick Langston live at Glastonbury


Nick Langston had two shows with his band 'The Cool Nachos' at Glastonbury 2010 in The Field of Avalon. "It was an excellent weekend," says Nick, "a really appreciative crowd and it was great to see some of the brilliant acts on the Avalon stage - particularly the acoustic set by Keane and the Saturday night headliners The Lightning Seeds."  Backstage photos



Nick Langston live in Italy


Nick Langston appeared with the Park Lane Big Band at Lake Garda on 30th and 31st August as part of their 2009 tour of Italy.



Nick Langston gets the Obama/Clinton approval


The Nick Langston Band has been picked by The American Museum in Bath to play a collection of classics from The American Songbook as part of their series of Summer events funded by the US Department of State.



Review - 'Musician' Magazine  (jpg review here)


Bristol-based singer and tunesmith Nick has released a debut of cool and contemporary swing, rock and latin influenced jazz that's destined to gain considerable attention from the genre's media, thanks to its up-to-the-minute production values and smooth moods.


'Angel with the devil's eyes' is a distinctive original that is sure to be covered by numerous artists, although most will be hard-pushed to beat the blend on show here, due to the top class mix of Andy Kinsman's tremendous sax and Nick's seductive lead.  Andy also shines on flute on 'Fly by night', with its early hours atmosphere anchored by John Lambert's masterful piano.  


Mature vocals, great playing and character-led compositions abound, illustrating why Nick is a star in the making.



Review - Reading Online News

Though this may be Nick Langston’s first attempt at recording an album he is certainly not a newcomer to the music scene.  His sound is hard to explain; it’s grown up music with a heavy jazz influence, a touch of blues and maybe just a smidge of the popular music. There is a Mediterranean influence in the album, particularly in the two songs entitled in Spanish, which use percussion and dramatic violins giving an exotic and interesting sound, whilst making the genre of the whole album all the harder to define. Indeed the Mediterranean influence provides an exuberant energy that jazz often avoids with its soulful sounds but this contradiction in styles actually works quite well.

There are stunning instrumentals throughout, particularly in ‘Desert lullaby’, which is very soulful, purely instrumental and demonstrates Langston’s magnificent accompaniment; Andy Christie, for example plays the piano beautifully. Its sequel ‘Desert lullaby II’ is far more dramatic, it is very slow to start, the wind instruments building tension. ‘Los compos elisios’ is as intense as ‘Desert lullaby II’.  Track number 6 ‘Thursday night’ is my favourite of the album, it is very upbeat, a real mood-lifter and makes you wish you were in a jazz bar.

Overall the album is definitely worth a listen.  I would also try to catch him live…there’s just something about the atmosphere in a jazz bar that I imagine would make Nick Langston’s music all the more sensational


Nick Langston Live


Nick Langston live at the Bristol Harbour Festival 2008 pictures here


Thornbury Arts Festival 2008 - Nick Langston appears with Kevin Figes


Official album launch held in Bristol - find out more here.




New Album Released


Nick Langston - Captivated - buy it here.




Tony Benjamin, 'Venue' Magazine:  "Nick Langston pulled together a handy combo for this debut CD which, impressively, has avoided any 'standard' songs.  Instead there's Nick's originals ranging across swing, cool jazz and latin.  It's  a surprisingly varied collection with space for instrumental embellishment, Andy Kinsman's sax especially praiseworthy. But this is Nick's album and he carries it off well, whether it's the strict tempo jazz tunes like 'Thursday Night' or the more louche swing-style vocals of the title track and 'Fly by Night'.  Above all it's a crisp and listenable production (with Nick taking the credit for that too) that showcases his range of writing and singing talents."


Nick performs at the 2008 Thornbury Arts Festival. "Nick's relaxed vocals brings to mind Sinatra, Scott Walker and Bryan Ferry."  See more


Jazz DJ, Tony Clark:  "An album of well-crafted originals with warm and intimate vocals and featuring top class supporting musicians - listen out for the stand-out track 'Los campos elisios'."


Nick featured on www.newBristoljazz.co.uk which describes him as a 'top-rated singer' and 'a star in the making'.


Nick hosts Jerry Springer - The Opera cast party at Tantric Jazz.  "A great night - thanks so much."  Rolf Saxon - 'Jerry Springer'.  Wills Morgan who plays 'Jesus' sings with the band: "A really special night, I haven't enjoyed myself that much in a long time, you guys were great." 


Mary Poppins world premiere held in Bristol - Nick sings at cast party.  Olivier Award winning actress and singer, Laura Michelle Kelly attends three of Nick's gigs with fellow cast member Savannah Stevenson.  "We said we'd come and we didn't want to miss it.  He's great."



The UK Songwriting Contest - Finalist

Nick Langston has narrowly missed the top spot after reaching the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest which is run in association with The Brit Trust, BBC Radio and The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters (home of the Ivor Novello Awards).

Nick Langston’s song ‘Captivated’, taken from his new album of the same name, has received national recognition, reaching the finals of the Jazz and Blues songwriting category with no less than five further songs from his album recognised as just missing out on the finals in three categories including jazz/blues, adult contemporary and instrumental.

‘Captivated’ is a classic yet contemporary jazz/latin/swing tune with a great chorus and brilliant performances from some top class musicians based in and around Bristol.

UK songwriting contest finalist – Jazz and Blues

‘Captivated’ – Nick Langston – from the new album ‘Captivated’.

UK Songwriting contest semi-finalist - Jazz and Blues

‘Fly by night’ – Nick Langston – from the new album ‘Captivated’.

‘Angel with the devil’s eyes’ – Nick Langston – from the new album ‘Captivated’ and released as the first single from the album in August 2008.

UK songwriting contest semi-finalist - Adult Contemporary

‘Fall in love with me’ – Nick Langston – from the new album ‘Captivated’.

Buenas noches – Nick Langston – from the new album ‘Captivated’.

UK songwriting contest semi-finalist - Instrumental

Thursday night – Nick Langston – from the new album ‘Captivated’. 


The BRIT Trust - The UK Songwriting Contest was formed with The BRIT Trust    British Academy of Composers and Songwriters               BBC Radio supports The UK Songwriting Contest