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New Single - Golden Eyes

This award-winning song has a classic 60s feel and echoes the 'Music to watch girls by' of the likes of Andy Williams and is supported by a video pastiche which references classic films such as 'Sabrina and 'Roman Holiday', whilst all being set in Nick Langston's home city of Bristol, UK.

The song features renowned artist and musician Andy Kinsman on saxophone and flute along with Walter Dirks on trumpet.

Free MP3 download here





Golden eyes



"I wanted to write an Andy Williams tune and liked the idea of a change from D minor in the verse to D major in the chorus.  The track has live and programmed drums and percussion that I had great fun doing - I also did the bass, keyboards and other bits and pieces.  Walter Dirks then added some gentle trumpet and Andy Kinsman added alto sax and flute."








Golden eyes she's dancing, golden eyes she takes me there, 

golden eyes she's smiling and I know where.

Golden eyes Iím dreaming, golden eyes she got me there,

golden eyes sheís scheming and I donít care.

I was feeling lost and lonely, she's the one that I love only.  

In her arms she hears my prayer.

Beyond the rainbow there's a golden sky.  

I found the girl there with the golden eyes.