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Nick Langston

Nick has had a very busy few years with the release of his album 'Captivated' to some excellent reviews, national songwriting awards and appearances at jazz festivals and major events such as the Glastonbury festival for two consecutive years. 

Originally from North Oxfordshire, Nick Langston has been based in Bristol for a number of years and is well-known on the live circuit for his cool brand of jazz, swing and latin.  However, he is also no stranger to funk, blues, acoustic and a range of other styles that run through his music.

Originally spotted singing at Tantric Jazz in Bristol, he is still a regular at venues including and El Puerto and The Old Duke.  He can also be spotted at events such as the Thornbury Arts Festival and Bristol Harbourside Festival.  Nick is also helping run the East Bristol Jazz Club where he met a number of the musicians who work with him.

He is also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter - skills that have been invaluable during the project of writing twelve songs for his new album 'Captivated'.  An album which also enabled Nick to use his talents on keyboards and percussion as well as as an arranger and producer.

In September 2008 Nick reached the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest (held in association with The Brit Trust and BBC Radio) in the Jazz/Blues category and was also a semi-finalist in the Adult Contemporary and Instrumental categories.

2010 was a great year for Nick with some high profile gigs including Glastonbury and he was invited back to Glastonbury in 2011 for two appearances.

Nick explains his influences:

"I've been singing since before I can remember.  I learnt guitar listening to the great Sam Cooke - simple chord progressions but brilliant songs.  

My musical tastes stretch from Bowie to Jamiroquai, from Suede to Groove Armada, from David Sylvian to The Smiths. Jazz is just another part of this music.  

I 'discovered' Louis Armstrong first - the father of modern music perhaps? In Los Angeles I was lucky enough to see one of Ella Fitzgerald's last ever performances. If you haven't got an Ella and Louis CD there is a huge hole in your CD collection - the same goes for Bing and Louis. Frank Sinatra's 'Songs for Swinging Lovers' I would call one of the greatest albums ever made and the remastered production makes it sound as fresh as ever. 

Harry Connick Jr appeared around 20 years ago - and though most people know him for his big band music, I can strongly recommend the more intimate CD '25' - inspiring for me. Then there is the great Chet Baker - a brilliant trumpet player but also such a wonderful melancholic singer - look out for 'Chet Baker Sings'. Matt Monro - an unbelievable voice - so smooth - look out for a song called 'Charade' (though you may know him better for 'Born Free'). Nat 'King' Cole - another smooth voice and a great pianist. And Mel Torme - a great all-rounder with a brilliant back-catalogue of jazz standards. 

There are so many other influences: Ray Charles, Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, The Rat Pack, Bryan Ferry, Morrissey, Elvis Costello, Scott Walker - too many to mention."









The musicians

Nick works with a range of musicians, a number of them top class.

Included on the new album:

Andy Kinsman - saxophone and flute - highly experienced and has played with Nadine Coyle, Kasabian, Noel Gallagher, Lee Mead, Beth Rowley, Ben Castle and Phil King.

Andy Christie - keyboards - highly respected with fans of his playing including Michael Parkinson who has played music by Andy and his sister, Jane Christie.

Mike Collins - keyboards - well-respected as a jazz pianist who pushes the boundaries with his own trio.

John Lambert - keyboards - classically trained and jazz pianist with the band Mood Indigo who have featured at a number of international jazz festivals.

Sol Ahmed - bass - works on a number of projects including with the UK festival favourite, Mankala.

Jim Pimpernell - bass - member of the East Bristol Jazz Club and the band Mood Indigo with John Lambert.

Phil Olds - bass - plays fretless bass with a number of projects.

Mike Davis - drums - regularly plays with Phil Blandford and Dino Dini, also a regular with singer Beth Ford.

Walter Dirks - trumpet - member of the East Bristol Jazz Club and also works on other projects.

Nick has also sang and played live with a number of other musicians including:

Dorian Sutton - bass

Nick Malcolm - trumpet

Anders Ollinder - keyboards

Dale Hambridge - keyboards

Kevin Figes - saxophone

John-Paul Gard - keyboards

John Martin - keyboards

Phil Blandford - keyboards

Jon Short - bass

Gary Alesbrook - trumpet